It has been a long time…

since the last post and a lot has happened 🙂

  1. Slava left our lab (and we still miss him) and started his postdoc at the Weizmann Institute of Science with the Azrieli fellowship. Congrats to him and we hope to keep seeing him!
  2. A new “member” joined the team on November 1st – baby Anezka was born and enjoys every day she can join the group these days
  3. Valerio, Slava, Misha, Ivan and Filip have some new papers out and under review but we luckily celebrated most of that (photodocumentation not shown here), please follow the “Publications” section
  4. Margaux visited our lab in the autumn and will be coming back for the summer, YAY!
  5. Tomoko from Kosuke’s group at ELSI joined our team for a one-year internship – we are so excited to have her in Prague finally <3
  6. Filip bravely started our Twitter @KlaraH_lab, thank you!
  7. we also took a new group photo